Black & White Ball

Every year, the stake holds and autumn ball.  Usually it is green and gold, but this year it was black and white, which is fun and makes me feel oh-so-elegant.  I really enjoyed making a skirt and dressing up.  It was a good night.
the Devine women: Mum (Bev), Amber, and Sarah

The guy in the striped top jumped into a really cute photo.  Shame shame.  He's an odd character.  No one seems to know who he is, though.

The Devine men: Dad (Ken), Ashley (that's not his real prescription), and Martin

Yeah, they're posers.

All of us: Amber, Ashley, Bev, Ken, Sarah, Martin

We had a really difficult time with these pictures, because we couldn't stop making silly faces, which are just so much more fun.
Michelle and Chris Mace

Martin and Sarah
Amber is actually not angry, believe it or not.

Dad wanted to get closer to be able to hear properly.  Ashley was his carer.  The guy in the striped top is just there .. who knows why.
Shell and Amber