Hey look! an update!!

I needed a bit of practice, so Ash went outside with Edith and we shot a few photos. I was really happy with the way that they turned out. Here are two of my favorites.

Ash is doing "round and round the garden" with Edith in this picture. She loves it!
I realized that there are loads of pictures of Edith with her daddy, but very few with mummy. Ash has been really working on taking some of the two of us since we made the discovery. This is one of my favorites.

These little beauties were for the ward's munch and mingle on Halloween. I thought that they were so funny (and creepy, as Martha Steward promised). They were malt cupcakes with a green (obviously) chocolate malt icing. I loved them, but oddly enough, they didn't go down as well as expected with the kiddies.


I've finally got my website up and running, though it is currently being tweaked. Still! For the first web page I've ever made, I am feeling pretty good about myself!! Woo Hoo!!