I was so excited about actually putting her hair in pig tails that I had to chase her around the house to get this. She wasn't so pleased, unfortunately, being cornered. It's the price we pay for beauty, eh?

Probably about time, really

This isn't the most recent scan. Say hello to our new baby!

All about dressing up ...

Edith loves dressing up. She likes to try on her next size clothes and shoes and walk around the room in them, showing off how they look from every angle. Sometimes, I'm shocked at just how girly she can be.

She just doesn't know what to do with the eye mask. Somehow, this is the best option she can come up with.

Oh, and she loves jewelry.

Trashing the dress

Our wedding day was pretty rushed, what with two ceremonies and a four hour drive between them. Our pictures were also rather rushed. They aren't our favourite. So, we redid them (3 years later) the way that we would have liked them, relaxed and fun. I'd been really excited to do this for months, but when the day arrived, I was less than enthusiastic; I'd forgotten how uncomfortable wedding dresses are. Also, I felt a bit silly parading around the house in this dress that I completely altered for modesty's sake (since my own dress was apparently off limits). Our friend Kelsey came over to take the photos. She did such an amazing job!
We really did have an absolute whale of a time!

Unfortunately, there weren't any pictures of these beautiful shoes that I bought to go with the ensemble. I do love them, though. (I took this photo for some inanimate object practice.)
(I had to sneak Edith in here somewhere.)

And then, the trashing!!
Runny frosting! I really didn't want it on my face.

I was too messy to go anywhere near the house, so I had to strip off outside while everyone looked the other way. That was pretty tricky. I got stuck more than once.
Overall, it was such an awesome use of a wedding dress. Thank you eBay seller!