Faith In God - Missionary Night

So I managed to get roped into doing a missionary night for the Faith In God kids. I was so not really looking forward to doing it since the lads that would be there are normally a freaking nightmare! To my utter and most pleasant surprise they were very good. I had a great time and the Elders also enjoyed teaching the wee (little) ones. (Just small Scottish slang picked up from my mission.)

I wasn't really sure how to go about what needed to be covered, so in true missionary fashion I turned to PMG and went from there. Thankfully they were full of questions and seemed to even be interested in the answers! I asked at one point ''Why to get baptized?'' to which the reply ''Because you will burn in Hell for eternity if you don't'' came, I knew it was going to be a fun night. It wasn't till the end that one of the boys asked how we know that Joseph Smith actually translated the Book of Mormon and was a prophet. I was taken back by the sincerity in his voice. What a beautiful teaching opportunity this was. We all sat down and bore testimony of how we each individually knew the answer to the question and I committed them all to read the Testimony of the Three Witnesses and to pray themselves. We also spoke about this month's First Presidency message, about staying strong and keep going, do the right thing. I didn't expect a lot of what was spoken about, but that is the way it goes when the Spirit directs as these young kids had serious, thought provoking questions that they sincerely wanted answering.

Today at church, one of the parents of the kids came up to me and said ''Well, we're not sure what you did or said, but our Sam came home and demanded that we start saving for his mission because he is going to serve and can't wait to go!" My fears vanished and with that I knew that somehow, the evening had been a success.

What a blessing it was to teach the young people of the Church and in general be involved in missionary work. Love it!