Camera Crazy Parents!

Well we just could not help ourselves when we were just chilling on the couch. Hope you like the pics.

Edith's first few days

Well we are 3 days into being parents as so far it is amazing! Edith is such a good girl, sleeps loads and feeds when she should (sometimes refusing to wake up to be fed!) Amber is doing great too, still walking slowly but making a great recovery. We are having so much fun with all this time together, it will be horrible when I have to go back to work! We sit all together and watched conference and it was beautiful.

Edith in one of the sleep gowns Amber made out of a pre-pregnant top.

Chilling with Dad in the morning.

Edith in the Sleep gown Auntie Erin brought over when she visited.

And again since she looks so cute in it!

Setting the mood for the rest of her life.....chilled!

This is visual proof that I have got my hands dirty (quite literally a few times!)

I really was that happy as it was quick and Edith didn't cry.

And this is how happy she was! Either that or she was filling the nappy again!

Daddy Daughter Time

Edith Nadine Devine - The Arrival

So at 6:05pm on the 03 October 2009 our beautiful daughter Edith was born. After 16 hours of labor, Amber was a real trooper and Edith arrived. Weighing 7lbs 13oz. English hospitals don't measure the length until the first midwife visit which is on Monday, so once thats done we will let you all know as I have heard of the history of the Jones baby lengths. Amber stayed in the hospital overnight so it was strange to come home alone after just coming face to face with our angel of a daughter. Edith is doing great, she has all her fingers and toes (massive feet!) Two eyes, a cute nose and blonde hair. Amber is now home 19 hours after it all kicking off and is doing great, excited to sleep on her back and not get a foot in the ribs! Enjoy the pics below.

Amazing Mommy and Daughter 10 minutes old

Amber about a hour after giving birth to Edith - Hott Stuff

Liking the Gas & Air too much.

The posh NHS sleeping quarters.

Edith and Mom chilling before being allowed to go home.

Our little fluff ball.

Amber chatting with Grandma Jones 19 hours after giving birth.