London Day Trip

Caught these chaps just strolling down the Royal Mile playing their flutes and banging their drums. All very exciting, sadly it meant that we had missed the changing of the guard which is always entertaining.

Changing of the horse guards.

Now this was well funny. Guy without big horse, had a big sword and was walking around, all be it look rather silly with his big black boots, trying to do his thing, while picture frenzied tourists well known for their annoying habit of getting in the way but looking all happy and taking a picture whilst it's happening. Then chaps on horses dismounted and then gave their horses a nice slap on the rear for being good horses. Brilliant stuff.

Amber who was actually annoyed at some tourists who were taking a rather long time posing in the red phone box that she, the before mentioned Amber, wanted to also do!

Near the end of a long and rather tiring day.

We just came out of the TV studio and this was on the embankment of the Thames. A nice couple took this for us.

I can't help but think that our little girl is going to look just like Amber awww Very cute!

Harry Potter night

I was so excited about going to Harry Potter that I made this shirt. I even got Ash to put on a scarf and drew a scar on his forehead (much better than an actual scar). People looked at me like I was crazy, because, you see, people in England don't dress up for opening night at the cinema. It's not like I was dressed up in full witch garb, though it should be noted that Ash almost dressed up like Hagrid.
(Unfortunately, all of my other pregnancy pictures that I was importing for Erin will not import to this blog. I'm sorry.)
Also, I did get a massive hair cut last week. The hair dresser wouldn't cut off any more than what he did. He feared that I wouldn't like it much shorter. I'll probably get it cut again after little one makes her grand appearance and my hair stops falling out.

A bit of nature

We'd decided to go to Belvoir Castle on an adventure, but the real adventure came when we got there and discovered that it was closed for the day. However, we found this awesome yellow field. That's our tiny car in the background -- the one that is smaller than the rolls of hay.
We went for a Sunday walk to the castle. It was a beautiful day, so we spent loads of time outside.

Hey! There is a baby in there!!

This is the baby on her first scan. She looks like an alien, but we were so excited to see her. It really put my mind at ease. We both were a bit teary.
Our 20 week scan: We found out that she is a girl, that her little mouth moves like crazy, that she has SUPER long legs, and that she NEVER stops moving. I had to go for a walk to get her to go to sleep so that they could finish the measurements. Even in her sleep, she wiggles.
We were lucky that they got a picture exactly when she stretched her legs out. That is her stomach and legs.

About 2 seconds after they caught this picture, it became ridiculously creepy, because she moved her face forward and we could see her eyeballs. I love this picture, because her arm is up over her head. She kept scratching her head and talking. I love seeing her little face.