Rufford Park and a few pics around town

The weather had been so nice that we decided to go out and take some pictures (with my new, beautiful camera!). I love this head band that Edith is wearing. It'll look even cuter when she has more hair.

We went to Belton House with Ash's family on the Friday before Easter. They had a playground and I really had to contain myself. I love playgrounds!! I wanted to slide on the slides with the kids. Instead, I went for the swings. I love swings!! Edith really didn't seem bothered. I'm sure that she will be one day. (Note the incredibly cute shoes and skinny jeans -- on my baby. My footwear is all about practicality. That said, after this, I bought the family wellies.)

Edith loves her door bouncer. I think that it is so funny to put her tutu - thanks Erin - on over the bouncer and watch her bounce all over the place. She looks so cute! Then, she discovers her fun tutu and sticks it in her mouth. Who would have thought that tulle could get so wet?!?

Adventures with Vern

When Vern came to visit in March, we went to York (where I breastfed in the minster between two plaques that people seemed to find fascinating once I started .. I'm sure it's just me, but Vern did get a picture of me with people ridiculously close and looking. Also, I'm not so certain that I was supposed to be sitting in the chair that I was in; it looked really old). We also went to Hardwick Hall, London (pictured below), and Edinburgh. We were in the car loads. Edith was such a champ!!
Edith is beneath the coat. We are at a restaurant. On the other side of the gate is a disapproving woman who very likely got a pretty good look at my boob. Behind me, through the window and across the street, is the Tower of London and, farther, Tower Bridge. Very cool!
It was raining and we forgot (or lost) the rain cover to the stroller. This was the first time that Edith was forward facing in the stroller. I was very worried about her feet being cold, but she kept kicking the blanket off. Ashley fashioned a covering with the umbrella, very clever man, but we had to buy hats to keep us dry.

Fancy hats. We are in a park right by Buckingham Palace. It was beautiful!

More of that growing up stuff

Edith can face forward in the carrying case now. This is the problem with it. I feel so bad for her when she falls asleep.
When Vern came to visit, we went to Hardwick Hall, a really old house. It was built before 1600. Mary, Queen of Scots apparently stayed there or something. It was a residence of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire back in the day. The floor coverings were woven grass of some sort. It was pretty smelly. Carpet would have been very expensive at the time and not for walking on. We are in the Great Hall here. There were loads of portraits of kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, etc. It was pretty awesome. The grounds were pretty sweet as well. My favorite part was when we went outside and watched 2 sheep give birth. We were all cheering them on and rooting for the little lambs to move after birth. Ah, the miracle of life. Good thing that Vern videoed most of it! Sweet!!

After a week of constant poopy nappies/diapers, we decided to try a bit of ruffage to stop the flow. Edith LOVES baby rice.

Been a while

So, since our last post, Edith is rolling all over the place. She's, unfortunately, rolled off the bed twice. You'd think that one or all of us would learn. We have to keep an eye on her when she's on the floor, since she likes to lick everything .. even the floor. She's so darn cute, though.

Edith likes to see herself in the mirror. I will be so sad for her when she realizes that it is actually herself and loses a friend. Poor girl.

We frequently find Edith in funny positions like this when we put her down for a nap. She had grabbed her sleep suit and tried sucking on it, but apparently, that was exhausting.

Aunt(ie) Carly sent a package that included this adorable little beanie. I love it! Unfortunately, it didn't fit for long.