Father's Day Present

For Father's Day, Edith and I went to the park to take a few pictures. The "park" actually was a pretty scabby playground, but Edith absolutely loves being outside! Apparently, there is a park much closer to home. Anyway, these are a few of photos:

I back up all of her photos every other month. It averages out that I take at least 15 photos of her per day! I probably should add a few pictures of Ash and I. We have a bit of an event planned, so we'll have a few pictures of us on here, as well.

In honor of Father's Day, I MUST mention what an amazing Daddy Ashley is. He cares so much about his baby. He always wants to have Daddy-daughter time. She absolutely adores her Dad. Every time that he comes into the room, her face lights up in the biggest smile possible. She really only giggles for him, which makes me jealous, but I think that it's sweet. They have a very special and tender relationship. I love my wonderful husband and SUPER energetic (and happily so) baby girl!