New Year's Party

So, it was an 80's party.  I didn't make loads of effort, even though it was my idea.
I'm crouching, because I TOWERED over all of them.

We had a good night, playing games and such.


Christmas morning we went for a walk at a nearby lake.  It was such a lovely morning, but we opened a few presents .. for warmth .. first.

Ash's Santa Gig

The primary needed a Santa ... so they asked Ashley.  

Who even would have guessed?

Family Temple Trip

Martin, Sarah, Amber, Ashley, Bev, Juli, Grandma, Austin, Jon, Serene
Chris, Anna Belle, Daniel, Ken, Emmaleigh, Aimee

Daniel watching Sponge Bob on Ash's phone.  Ashley and his gadgets!!

Emmaleigh, Daniel, and Aimee watching Sponge Bob.

The girls table

Bonfire Night

it was really cold, alright!

We were across the river from the bonfire, rather than paying  £15-£20 to be right by it.  We were waiting for fireworks for AGES!!  Every ten minutes or so they said "5 minutes" on the loud speaker.

Me (with a blanket tied around my waist), Mum, and Sarah playing with fire

The sparkler has finished.  We all wish for the return of the minute warmth and potentially dangerous sparks, but mostly for the ability to wave it about, writing silly disappearing messages, or just our names.