Last week, after weeks of almost being there, Edith has rolled over onto her tummy. It's very exciting! We were so proud. She rolls onto her tummy, is fine for a few minutes, then cries, because she is on her stomach! Then, I roll her back to her back and she rolls back onto her tummy.
One morning, she had woken from her nap, but was fine for a bit before a feed. I was just getting into the bath. After a few minutes, I heard a few thuds against the side of the crib and a frantic cry. I thought that she had her foot stuck or something, but when I'd talk to her, she'd stop crying. Then, I heard a thud, thud, thud, frantic cry. Thud, thud, thud, frantic cry. When I came around the corner, she had moved to the top of the crib on her stomach, a long patch of drool around her, with her head wedged in the corner. Her arms were flailing franticly. I probably shouldn't have laughed, but I sure did!!
Last night, Edith had rolled onto her stomach. I was talking to my friend, Suzzanne. Edith looked up at me over her shoulder and rolled onto her back. Now I've got problems! My baby has just become mobile!
Look, two teeth!! (Not the gums, the little white bits above the gums.)

A bit of growing

I can hardly believe that our baby is 4 months old. She is getting so big, which I didn't realize until I took her to the baby clinic; all of the other babies are so small in comparison. Even the older kids look short. Edith is getting her first two teeth. I wouldn't have even noticed if it weren't for all of the spit. Wow, this baby can produce saliva with the best of them. She didn't even whine about it until her 3rd injections on Thursday. I think that was just too much for her: 3 shots, 2 teeth, one snotty nose. Poor girl. I tried to get pictures of the teeth, but every time I pull down her bottom lip, her little tongue comes out to lick me.

Edith has been practicing sitting up. I think that it is particularly funny when she is still trying, but slowly folding in half or landing on my leg.

She's stared rubbing her nose when she's tired. If she's tired around other people, she puts her hands in front of her face and hides in Mommy's chest. I think that she thinks it's funny.

I didn't put her in that pose. I just happened to catch it.