A few family pictures

Pretty self explanatory, really.

They Grow Up So Fast

We figure that no one really is interested in seeing the adults in the family, just the new addition.

Edith looked so incredibly cute in her little chair. (Yes, those are butterflies.)

Since all the other mums at the baby clinic use their strollers and leave them parked by the door, I figured that since I'm a MOM, I'd be clever and use the sling. She hated it at first, but she likes being able to look around. We just have to do loads of extra bundling.

I took this picture AGES ago, during Edith's first 2 weeks of life. It was just so funny.

Edith loves her bunnies!!

A family in the ward gave us a lovely pink bunny play mat. Edith has long conversations with her new friends.
Oh, and mind the poop.

We've been working on clicking. It's so exciting!!

Mom & Dad - Edith's Blessing

November 1st, 2009 - Edith Nadine Devine was blessed by her Father, Ashley Devine, accompanied by Grandads Jones & Devine, Uncles Martin & Jon, and Bishop Keith Woodward at the Mansfield Ward Chapel. All went very well and Edith was very well behaved (no noises came from either end! YAY!)

5 Men and a Baby.

Although this was a very spiritual day, Amber and I struggle to take serious pictures (as you may have already gathered).

Proud Daddy with Daughter. (Not so sure about the Pioneer bonnet but she pulls it off well)

Everyone who came to see the blessing (Family and friends wise)

Evidence once again that at least one of us can't be serious in a picture.

All the men again

A better one...

Very proud parents!

Mom & Dad - Sherwood Forest

So this was the first of our many adventures when we had Mum and Dad over. Mum was so excited about visiting Robin Hoods forest it made me smile so much. When we arrived she was amazed by everything and it all was ''Robin Hoods Fern'' or ''Robin Hoods logs''. We were close to buying a hat and toy bow & arrows to reconstruct a forest battle. Someone had their wedding in the forest that day so there were people all dressed up in proper Maid Marian, Robin Hood, Friar Tuck outfits, it was brilliant!

Not sure if your supposed to enjoy the stocks, but Mum was!

Aww bless, in front of the Major Oak. aka Robin Hoods chill pad.

3 Generations.

Amber was not avoiding a picture with Mom & Dad, she was fussing and wasn't prepared.

Unlike the above, I was prepared and wanted to be in the picture.

The British 'Robin Hood' Fern.

So excited!!!!

It was like really being there!

Robin Hood and little John fitting it out on the brdge.

Amber and I are becoming really good guides for Sherwood Forest. Mom Jones was hilarious! She was so excited, it got me back into the Robin Hood mood.

It was brown stripy day for Edith, looking cute as always.

It' all fun

Chilling out with Daddy

Camera Crazy Parents!

Well we just could not help ourselves when we were just chilling on the couch. Hope you like the pics.