Scotland Road Trip

The Angel of the North, between Sunderland and Newcastle.

The Border! Amber was actually very surprised that there was an actual wall separating England and Scotland.  It's known as Hadrians Wall

Fairly random pic, but it was whilst we were venturing towards a castle that we saw from the main road!

The Castle that we ventured too.....very nice.

Me at the castle we ventured too....once again, very nice.....

The main entrance to the castle we ventured too, which was locked since it was too early to be open!

The side of the nice castle we ventured too, Amber ran off to get this pic as I kept a look out in case we were attacked...

Failing terribly at getting a nice pic with the Castle we ventured to in the background.


Yes, Amber actually took a pic of this...

And this...

not all that impressed my love.

Another castle-like structure that we spotted from the main road, which was again closed because it was too early.  I was tempted to head up a rather muddy trial which led to the place but I think a Hummer or Land Rover would have been more suitable than a Ford Fiesta.

Amber eating the amazing sandwich I made for her with Edinburgh Castle in the background. 

All we had was a loaf of bread and some ham slices, and funny enough, it was a brilliant sandwich! This is in Princes Street Gardens.

Edinburgh in the background, to the left you can see the top of a cool monument for Sir Walter Scott, a famous poet

Outside the National Art Gallery and then Edinburgh Castle up the hill.

Amber standing on the Disgrace of Edinburgh (Google it to learn about the history of it.)

Edinburgh City behind us, and my head is not that much bigger than Amber's, it just looks like that because I am actually much closer to the camera!

Amber on the Disgrace again.

A much more full picture of the Disgrace of Edinburgh, this is on top of a big hill and can be seen for miles!

I hate this picture, no explanation needed here.

Amber standing at the east side gate to the Queen's official palace in Scotland. She wasn't there though, never mind.

Me at the same gate, not sure why i am posing like this.

Amber checking out Jedburgh Abbey ruins, its a cool place.

Me, Tanya and Amber after the baptism. I taught and prepared Tanya's brother for baptism when I served in the ward over two years ago. So it was a special moment to be back and actually baptizing Tanya, her dad wanted to do it but he has a serious spinal disorder, rendering him unable. Apparently, they were wondering who could baptize her when she saw a picture of me.  She pointed to me and said, "Him! I want him to baptize me!" Very sweet!

Me and Tanya

Me and the MaCallisters. From left:- Me, Simon, Karen, Grandpa Johnson, Joshua, Tanya.

This is basically what I remember the family like!  They are a great family!

In the background, the small man with no hair is Brother McGibbon, he is the funniest old man in the way that he just keeps talking, and then brings out a poem for EVERY occasion!

On our way home crossing a different part of the Border. Amber is holding Irn Bru, the national drink of Scotland. It is the cause for 87% of Scotland's youth not having their own teeth by the time they turn 22.

Back on the English side (which is the same rock, but other side!) We were actually in a cloud at this point, we were in the hills and the cloud was very, very low.

Ambers Birthday

So, I went a little crazy with a dry wipe maker pen.  I don't like giving cards, so I wrote it on the mirror and the toilet!  I stayed in bed whilst she got up for work! Hahaha

I built her her own little fort thing so we could look at the stars (the blanket) and watch Enchanted which Amber got for her bday.

Ok, so we don't have a dining room, and the living room was off limits at this point.  We were confined to the spectacular dressing room/junk room. I cleaned it up the best i could and plonked the table in there. It worked out okay....i think!

Amber requested that there be a fort erected by the time she got using the wood from our old bed the we STILL haven't got rid off, I constructed this fine...thing...Amber wanted to stare up at the stars too, so i improvised with the Star pattern blanket! Im, rather proud of that bit!

Urm, well, you can make up your own caption for this one. I think a special star will be awarded to whoever comes up with the funniest!

Despite my best efforts, I still got the chocolates that had alcohol and all that silly stuff in them! I did look in the shop but I think that my brain saw the agreeable price and blocked out certain ingredients! Shame.

She was unbelievably excited about this present....

The call home

So on the whole, I think I ticked all the boxes on Amber's birthday wish list. Thank goodness there is another 364 days till the next one!