Some Christmas photos

Edith was in the Nativity at church. She was a sheep (right there in the front). She and her little friend ran all over the chapel yelling "Mark, set, go!" and "Come on! Follow me!" She can be a bit bossy. They were so cute, though.

She didn't want to wear the costume until I took her into the ladies and showed her what she looked like in the mirror. Then, she was all about the sheep costume.

For Ash's parents, we decided to give them a gift that just keeps on giving. They wanted an updated family photo or one of their grandkids or something. It seemed a bit pointless when they are so close to having another one from us, so we decided to give them one that they could enjoy now. I kept this as the desktop for a while. Every time Edith would see it, she'd say, "Pretty Daddy! Pretty Daddy! Hahahahaha"

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